Brad Drew

Brad Drew - Notable Speaker - Emeritus Speakers Page


Worshipful Brother S. Brad Drew, a distinguished Kentucky Mason, proudly holds membership at Lexington Lodge No. 1, the oldest Masonic Lodge in Kentucky. His impressive Masonic journey includes serving as Past Master of Latonia Lodge No. 746, along with notable roles such as Past District Deputy Grand Master and Past Grand Pursuivant.

Brother Drew’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in his academic achievements, holding a master’s degree in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change. His fervent dedication to Masonic education led him to chair the Committee on Masonic Education for the Grand Lodge of Kentucky during the 2021-2022 Masonic year. He actively engages in various Masonic research and study groups, including the Ohio Lodge of Research, William O. Ware Lodge of Research, the Valley of Covington Scottish Rite Bodies, and the Masonic Society.

Brother Drew’s Masonic interests gravitate toward the practical applications of the craft, aligning himself as a “Masonic data-nerd.” He strongly advocates for lifelong learning within Freemasonry, encouraging his fellow brethren to delve deeper into the craft for a comprehensive understanding.

The honor of having Brother Drew as a guest speaker at Masonic Con Kansas 2023 promises an enlightening experience. His insights and perspectives on Freemasonry, derived from his dedication to applied aspects and lifelong learning, are eagerly anticipated.