Daren Kellerman


Daren Kellerman, though preferring the backdrop, has graciously stepped into the limelight as our Master of Ceremonies on multiple occasions for our esteemed events. A proud native Kansan residing in Ottawa, Daren has dedicated over two decades to law enforcement, embodying principles of service and commitment.

He stands as a charter member and secretary of Kansas’ pioneering affinity lodge, Justice Lodge, while also holding a significant role as a longstanding secretary in his home lodge in Garnett, where he has notably served as Past Master multiple times.

In the tapestry of Kansas Freemasonry, Daren has assumed diverse leadership roles, including a noteworthy term as Grand Master in 2015. Despite his accolades, he humbly describes himself as merely a third-degree Master Mason, showcasing his humility and commitment to the craft’s core values.

Presently, Daren chairs several pivotal committees within the Kansas Grand Lodge and lends his editorial expertise to their jurisdictional publication. His vibrant presence and engaging persona shine through in his numerous appearances at North American Leadership Conferences, both as a speaker and host. Renowned for his passionate delivery and captivating masonic education sessions, Daren infuses vitality into gatherings of any size, fostering an environment where fresh perspectives on Freemasonry flourish.

His disdain for mundane meetings underscores his enthusiasm for dynamic discussions and stimulating presentations that enrich our understanding of Freemasonry. Daren Kellerman embodies a fervent advocate for invigorating the craft with new ideas and perspectives.