Jason Richards

Jason Richards - Masonic Speaker and Podcast Co-host - Emeritus Speakers Page


Brother Jason M. Richards is an esteemed Mason with a rich history of contributions within the fraternity. As a Past Master of Acacia Lodge No. 16 under the Grand Lodge of Virginia, he has demonstrated a deep passion for Masonic history, mythology, and esotericism.

His extensive Masonic journey includes membership in various lodges and bodies, such as The Colonial Lodge No. 1821 under the Grand Lodge of Washington, DC, and La Fayette Lodge No. 79 under the Grand Lodge of Ohio. Brother Richards is widely respected for his profound knowledge of Masonic history, mythology, and esoteric practices, both within and outside the Masonic organization. His expertise has been shared through various publications, including contributions to the Grand Lodge of DC blog, “The Voice,” and the Midnight Freemasons blog.

As a co-founder of The Masonic Roundtable, a revered podcast entering its 9th year, Brother Jason has engaged in illuminating conversations with leading minds in Freemasonry, enriching the fraternity with his wealth of knowledge and experiences. His influence extends beyond Masonry, co-founding Esotericon, a prominent conference celebrating occult and esoteric scholarship.

Brother Richards is not only an accomplished author and editor, having contributed significantly to “The Fraternal Review,” but also a dedicated family man, residing in Virginia. He’s known for his distinctive collection of bow ties, a signature style that reflects his individuality within and outside the Masonic circle.

We extend a warm welcome to Brother Jason M. Richards as a speaker at Masonic Con Kansas 2023! His presence promises an enlightening and inspiring presentation, and we are honored to have him share his expertise and insights with us.