Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez - Masonic Educator - Emeritus Speakers Page


W∴ Joe Martinez, esteemed in the grand jurisdiction of Virginia, brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the Masonic fraternity. With a diverse background and profound knowledge, Joe is a respected contributor within the Masonic community.

A veteran of the United States Army and former Counterintelligence Special Agent, Joe holds an executive and technologist position specializing in corporate and Government Legal practices in the Washington, D.C. area. His academic journey includes a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix and a Master’s in Information Security from Western Governors University. Currently pursuing a PhD in Biblical Exposition, Joe’s commitment to learning and scholarly pursuits is evident.

As the Worshipful Master of Manasseh Lodge No. 182, A.F. & A.M., in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Joe actively contributes to the growth and prosperity of his lodge and the Masonic fraternity. He’s also an esteemed member of the Esoteric Lodge in DC, Benjamin B. French Lodge No. 15, and holds affiliations in Massachusetts and the UGLE.

Engaged in various Masonic bodies, including the Royal Arch, Cryptic Council, Commandery, Allied Masonic Degrees, AASR SJ, Knight Masons, YRSC, and the Operatives, Joe’s interests span the Initiatic Experience, Rituals of Initiation, and the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations, coupled with the exploration of connections between modern science and Gnostic teachings.

Joe Martinez’s contributions to Masonic Con Kansas have been enriching, where his insights into the Initiatic Experience and ancient wisdom have captivated and enlightened Masonic audiences. His presence as a speaker has brought invaluable contributions, continuing to enhance the depth of Masonic knowledge and tradition.