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Brother Jonte’ Gold 33° is a 24-year Prince Hall Freemason. Brother Gold’s Masonic journey
began in the great state of Kansas. He was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on
Saturday, October 31, 1998, as a member of Kaw Blue Lodge #107 Manhattan, Kansas during a
District Raising in Abilene, Kansas. During the years between 1999 and 2008 Brother Gold
relocated with his career in General Motors several times always remaining a member of the
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Kansas all while visiting Lodges and practicing
Masonry in the states of Indiana, Georgia, and finally in 2008 back to Kansas. From the time of
his return Brother Gold has been a workhorse in the Kansas Jurisdiction devoting and
dedicating his time to all aspects of Prince Hall Freemasonry. In 2009 Brother Gold was elected
Worshipful Master of Cedar Beam Lodge #23 in Olathe, Kansas where he served for 6
consecutive terms. In 2010 Brother Gold graduated and earned the Outstanding Student of the
Year Award presented to the Most Outstanding student at the Fred J. Lee Sr. Masonic School of
Instruction located in Kansas City, Kansas. After graduating the school of instruction Brother
Gold became an instructor of the school of instruction where he remains to this day passing
along valuable knowledge to the students at the school. In the year 2011 Brother Gold was
appointed to the office of District Deputy Grand Master for the 2 nd Masonic District. In 2013
Brother Gold was appointed to lead the state of Kansas in the Nation-Wide project to get a
postage stamp made in the likeness of Prince Hall. Brother Gold’s efforts led Kansas to be 3 rd in
the nation in acquiring signed petitions for the project. In 2015 Brother Gold was appointed to
the office of Grand Coordinator for all Masonic Events within the Kansas Jurisdiction. In 2017
Brother Gold was elected to the office of Grand Associate Patron in the Kansas Grand Chapter
of O.E.S. In 2018 Brother Gold coordinated the 46 th Annual Midwest Regional Conference of
Grandmasters and Masons as Host committee Chairman. The conference is comprised of 11
states and over 600 attendees. In 2019 Brother Gold was awarded the Master Mason of the Year
as well as being appointed to the office of Grand Overseer of Masonic Schools of Instruction at
the same time continuing his duties as Grand Coordinator. 2019 was a very busy year as
Brother Gold was also elected to serve the Grand Chapter as the 62 nd Grand Worthy Patron of
the Order of Eastern Star Kansas Grand Chapter. In 2020 Brother Gold was appointed to the
office of Worshipful Grand Orator. In May 2021 Brother Gold was elevated to the 33 rd Degree
of Scottish Right Freemasonry in the Charles W. Hales Class of 2021 Detroit, Michigan.
During his Masonic Journey Brother Gold has dedicated himself to the ritualistic areas of Prince
Hall Masonry. Performing many Masonic funeral services, OES funeral services, Lodge of
Sorrow, Chapter of Sorrow, Middle Chamber, Corner Stone Ceremonies, Queen of the South
OES Degree, as well as King Solomon in the 3 rd Degree Raising. Performing all parts from
memory. Past Master Gold currently serves as the Worshipful Grand Orator as well as the
Grand Overseer for the Masonic Schools of Instruction and is a Past Master in Widow Sons
Lodge #17 Kansas City, Kansas. Brother Gold also holds membership in Sheba Chapter #18,
Orient Consistory #19, and Koran Temple #33 all in Kansas City, Kansas.


Offices Held
Past Master 2009 – 2015

Past District Deputy Grand Master 2011 – 2015
Past Worshipful Grand Coordinator 2015 – 2019
Worshipful Grand Orator 2020 – Present

Worshipful Grand Overseer of Masonic Schools of Instruction 2019 – Present

Grand Public Relations 2020 – Present
Past Patron 2015 – 2016
Past Grand Associate Patron 2017 – 2019
Past Grand Worthy Patron 2019 – 2021

1998 Kaw Blue Lodge #107
2002 Cedar Beam Lodge #23
2004 Orient Consistory #19
2006 Koran Temple #33
2013 Sheba Chapter #18
2017 Widow Sons Lodge #17