Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker - Masonic Scholar - Emeritus Speakers Page


Brother Matthew Parker is a committed Masonic scholar and an active member of several appendant and research bodies. His Masonic journey began at Topeka Lodge #17 in Topeka, KS, where he was initiated and passed, and culminated in his raising at Nebraska Lodge #1 in the Grand Lodge of Nebraska jurisdiction where he currently serves with distinction as Worshipful Master.

Deeply passionate about Masonic education, Brother Parker is a frequent speaker on diverse topics within Freemasonry, particularly focusing on Judaism and Masonic history. His dedication to expanding the knowledge base within the fraternity is commendable.

Brother Parker’s commitment to Masonic education and research is evident in his extensive study and research into historical connections and various facets of the craft. He generously shares his wealth of knowledge through engaging talks and presentations, advocating strongly for the importance of ongoing education in Freemasonry. His encouragement for fellow Masons to delve deeper into the craft through study and discussion highlights his commitment to the continual enrichment of the Masonic experience.

It is a privilege to have Brother Matthew Parker as a guest speaker at Masonic Con Kansas 2023. We eagerly anticipate his insights and perspectives on Freemasonry, benefiting from his dedication to scholarship and education within the fraternity.