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Matthew Parker

Bro. Matthew Parker. Bro. Parker is a dedicated Masonic scholar and member of several appendant and research bodies. He was initiated and passed at Topeka Lodge #17 in Topeka, KS and raised in Nebraska Lodge #1 in Omaha, Nebraska, where he currently serves as Worshipful Master. With a strong passion for Masonic education, he frequently speaks on topics such as Judaism and Masonic history.

Bro. Parker's dedication to Masonic education and research is truly admirable. He has spent countless hours studying and researching the historical connections and other various aspects of the craft and has shared his knowledge with others through his engaging talks and presentations. He is a strong believer in the importance of continuing education in Freemasonry and encourages his fellow Masons to deepen their understanding of the craft through study and discussion. We are privileged to have Bro. Parker as a guest speaker at Masonic Con Kansas 2023, and we look forward to hearing his insights and perspectives on Freemasonry.

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