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The Kansas Masonic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established for the purpose of expanding Masonic philanthropy in the fields of charitable, educational and scientific programs. While other community-based clubs promote events to raise money for charity, the Masons primarily donate funds directly from their members without any outside solicitation to the public. Kansas Masons, through the Kansas Masonic Foundation, have provided more than $50 million to charitable endeavors over the years.

The Craftsman’s Apron is dedicated to providing Freemasons with the highest quality Masonic regalia, gifts, and personal effects available. Our goal is to help our noble Craft regain the elegance and dignity that was once the hallmark of Freemasonry and for our regalia to be recognized as the distinguished badge of every Mason.

At TCA, we only use real lambskin because we believe that ritual, and the symbolic meaning of the apron, is more important than just words used for a degree. Thus, we go to great lengths to procure the best naturally tanned whole lambskin hides available.

It is our belief that each Brother’s “Badge of a Mason” should be a direct and personal reflection of his commitment to the Craft. Each apron is hand cut and hand made by our artisan craftsmen, and, should a Brother or Lodge wish, we will create a distinctive – bespoke – design that is specific to the individual or Lodge. This drive for unapologetic quality permeates our company and is reflected in every product that we produce.

The Historical Light Masonic Podcast aims to bring forth the rich history of the Craft.  Not only the history you read about in the books but also that history of a more personal nature.  Some of the best times I have had visiting a lodge is getting to sit and chat with an older Brother about his life experiences and family history within the fraternity.  Not only why Masonry has been important to him but generations back as well. There are so many tales to be told between our Buildings, Members, Events, and Family History.  With this show, we aim to share, preserve, and Honor these memories for years to come.

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