Mikel Stoops

Mikel Stoops - Former Kansas Grand Master - Emeritus Speakers Page


Brother Mikel J. Stoops, a fourth-generation Mason and former Grand Master of Kansas, traces his Masonic roots back to his grandfather, William Johnson, a dedicated Mason of nearly 70 years. Brother Stoops’s initiation into Freemasonry occurred at De Soto Lodge No. 40 in 2009, marking the beginning of his dedicated service in various leadership capacities at both the Local Lodge and Grand Lodge levels.

His unwavering dedication to the foundational principles of Freemasonry, particularly the Lodges, is a hallmark of Brother Stoops’s Masonic journey. Notably, he focuses solely on the Lodges, without affiliations to any other appendant or concordant bodies. This singular focus has granted him a profound understanding of the craft and made him a staunch advocate for fortifying the bedrock upon which all affiliated bodies stand. He firmly believes that a robust foundation is essential, as without it, all else risks crumbling and failing.

Brother Stoops’s wealth of experience and profound insights into Freemasonry make him a highly esteemed and valuable speaker. His perspectives, drawn from his dedication to strengthening the fundamental principles of the craft, promise to offer invaluable wisdom and guidance at Masonic Con Kansas 2023.