Nicholas Laine

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Brother Nicholas Laine, an esteemed Mason with over 25 years of dedication, hails from Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and brings a wealth of experience and fervor to Freemasonry. His deep-rooted passion for the craft is reflected in his multifaceted engagement and scholarly pursuits.

Nicholas completed his BSc in Physics with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Winnipeg, providing a strong foundation for his profound interest in the Enlightenment within Freemasonry. He actively participates in podcasts and provides mentorship within his lodge and district, exemplifying his commitment to Masonic education and guidance.

His Masonic journey spans across geographical boundaries, showcasing his international affiliations. As a longstanding member of Castle Island Virtual Lodge No. 190 (Past Master & acting Secretary), he brings his rich experience to the lodge’s leadership. Additionally, as a Founding member of Endeavour Virtual Lodge No. 944 under the United Grand Lodge of Victoria, Australia (Master-Elect), he continues to contribute significantly to the global Masonic community. Notably, he holds the title of Past Master at Burlington Lodge No. 165, Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

Nicholas actively participates in various Masonic bodies, including being an active member of Hamilton District A and slated to serve as their DDGM. He’s a Royal Arch Mason, Knights Templar, and has served as the Past Patron of Lakeview Chapter No. 79 Order of the Eastern Star. His dedication to Masonic education is evident through his active participation in both the Kansas Lodge of Research and the Victorian Lodge of Research, where he contributes to the advancement of Masonic knowledge.

Brother Nicholas Laine’s commitment to Masonic enlightenment and continuous learning underscores his dedication to the principles and teachings of Freemasonry. His active involvement within various lodges, districts, and international bodies serves as a testament to his unwavering passion for the craft.