Patrick Carr

Patrick Carr - Kansas Resident - Emeritus Speakers Page


R∴W∴ Patrick C. Carr, a distinguished figure from McPherson, Kansas, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the Masonic fraternity. His contributions to Freemasonry are marked by a deep commitment to education and service.

As a detective in the McPherson Police Department, R∴W∴ Carr serves his community with distinction. He also holds the esteemed position of Worshipful Master at McPherson Lodge No. 172, demonstrating his leadership both within and beyond the Masonic sphere.

His extensive Masonic journey includes the honor of serving as Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas and membership in various Masonic bodies. R∴W∴ Carr cherishes the educational opportunities offered by these bodies, recognizing their role in enriching the Masonic experience.

At the Grand Lodge of Kansas, R∴W∴ Carr chairs the Education Committee and actively participates in various committees across different Masonic bodies. His dedication to bringing innovative ideas to established organizations has been a consistent theme throughout his involvement.

R∴W∴ Carr is deeply passionate about Masonic education. He has contributed significantly to publications like the Journal of the Masonic Society and Living Stones Magazine, focusing on disseminating Masonic knowledge and discussing methods to enhance the educational experiences within lodges.

Beyond his Masonic pursuits, R∴W∴ Carr is a family man, residing with his wife, Adriane, and sharing their lives with their two adult daughters, Rebecca and Rachael, along with their son, Matthew, and four grandchildren. His family’s active involvement in various Masonic groups and bodies reflects their shared commitment to Masonic ideals.