Robert H. Johnson

Robert H. Johnson (RJ Johnson) - Masonic Author - Emeritus Speakers Page


Robert H. Johnson, known widely as RJ Johnson, embodies a profound pursuit of philosophy deeply entwined with his exploration of Freemasonry. Growing up in Italy amid the Renaissance’s cultural richness, Robert naturally gravitated towards Freemasonry, recognizing its philosophical depth as a kindred pursuit. A devoted musician and prolific writer, his diverse contributions span a multitude of publications, covering subjects ranging from Firearms, Medical Ethics, Theology, to Comparative Religions.

With a primary focus on philosophy and mathematics, Robert earned an honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy in Religion. His professional trajectory led him to an executive position within the medical industry, leveraging his multifaceted expertise.

An esteemed member of Waukegan Lodge No. 78, Robert ascended to the revered role of Worshipful Master in 2014, marking a pivotal milestone in his Masonic journey. His subsequent roles as a District Education Officer and District Deputy Grand Master underscore his unwavering commitment to the craft. Notably, he contributes significantly to the Grand Lodge of Illinois’ Education Committee, championing the cause of Masonic education.

Beyond his regional influence, Robert is a sought-after speaker, having graced events such as the original Masonic Con in Attleboro, MA, and serving as the esteemed host of Masonic Con Chicago. His captivating presence and insightful talks have enriched these gatherings, drawing enthusiasts from diverse Masonic circles.

Renowned for his profound insights into philosophy and Freemasonry, Robert is the esteemed host of the long-standing podcast, Whence Came You, a revered platform exploring the depths of Masonic teachings and traditions. Additionally, his co-hosting role on the immensely popular podcast, The Masonic Roundtable, further solidifies his stature as a prominent voice within the global Masonic community.

Adding to his literary accolades are authored works like “How to Charter a Lodge: A No-Nonsense, Unsanctioned Guide,” co-authorship of “It’s Business Time: Adapting a Corporate Path for Freemasonry,” and “The Master’s Word, A Short Treatise on the Light, the Word and the Self.” Moreover, his contributions extend to the republishing of several significant Masonic works.

Robert H. Johnson’s presence as a speaker at Masonic Con Kansas significantly enriched the event, attracting enthusiasts from across Kansas and beyond. His captivating insights, combined with his remarkable contributions to Masonic discourse through podcasts and publications, have established him as a cherished luminary within the fraternity, transcending regional boundaries.