Robert W. Marshall

Robert Marshall - Masonic Historian - Emeritus Speakers Page


Meet R:.W:. Brother Robert W. Marshall, a distinguished historian joining us from the grand jurisdiction of Texas, adding a wealth of knowledge to our inaugural lineup of lecturers! Robert’s passion for history resonates deeply as he proudly represents Waco, TX, with fervor.

A graduate of Baylor University, Robert holds esteemed degrees in various historical disciplines, channeling his scholarly prowess into extensive research encompassing a broad spectrum of historical subjects, particularly within Freemasonry. His contributions have extended to consulting and collaboration with esteemed entities such as the Royal Collection Trust UK, the State of Texas, and the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum, among others.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Robert has been a dedicated participant in several regional and statewide historical commissions and associations, elevating the discourse on historical matters within Texas and beyond.

In the realm of Freemasonry, Robert’s contributions have been profound. A Past Master of Waco Lodge and the incumbent Secretary since 2017, his steadfast dedication has been unwavering. His roles as DDGM, DDGM at Large, Chairman of the Grand Lodge of Texas History Committee, District Education Officer in 2018, Charter Marshal of Mercury Lodge, and a proud member of the Austin Scottish Rite Valley underscore his commitment to the fraternity’s growth and preservation.

Robert W. Marshall brings an unparalleled depth of historical insight and Masonic expertise to Masonic Con Kansas, enriching the event with his profound knowledge and dedication. His presence as a speaker marks a significant addition, drawing from his extensive experience and fervent dedication to the preservation and propagation of Masonic history and tradition.