Masonic Con 2024

Welcome to Masonic Con Kansas—Masonic Con ( also called Masonicon by some ) is a relaxed, Masonic conference where Masons and friends, regardless of expertise, unite for a day of immersive and enjoyable top-tier Masonic Education. Join us for a gathering that celebrates camaraderie, offering a blend of intensive learning and lighthearted fun for everyone interested in Freemasonry’s rich tapestry of knowledge and tradition. Kansas Masonic education at it’s finest!

July 27th, 2024

Masonic Speakers Lineup

Our 2024 Venue

Rosedale Lodge No.333

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Get the most out of the event and join us in person for the this Masonic Convention inclusing a meet and greet, lectures, vendors, and Festive Board!


Not local? No Problemb! You can still get in on all the fun while joining in from the comfort of your own home!

On Demand

Busy on the day of the event? Get streaming access to all the recorded lectures and watch on your schedule!

Since 2022

Welcome to Masonic Con Kansas – where Freemasons and enthusiasts gather annually to explore Masonic heritage. Launched in 2022, our event draws inspiration from Massachusetts’ original Masonic Con and the dynamic spirit of Masonic Con Chicago.

Join scholars, practitioners, and curious minds nationwide for talks, workshops, and exhibitions highlighting the latest in Masonic research. Our goal is to create an inclusive space for all interested in Masonic principles and connections.

Whether a seasoned Mason or new enthusiast, Masonic Con Kansas offers something unique for everyone. Join us to explore, connect, and share in the passion for Freemasonry!

"An amazing experience! Can't wait 'til the next one!"

– William P.

"Kansas MasonicCon has to be one of the best Masonic events in my jurisdiction. You have top-notch speakers worldwide who come to share knowledge on well-researched topics. But, the amazing thing is that this is NOT just for Masons. But, it is open to the public as well. It is a great place and opportunity to bring those interested in Masonry to learn and experience who and what we are and do."

– Duane M.

"The presenters are exceptionally knowledgeable as well as engaging and the program provides a wide array of subject matter to invoke thought and inspire innovation."

– Earl G.

"A fantastic opportunity to hear from exciting speakers who are focused on making the Masonic experience better and engaging the Craft. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in Masonic education."

– Patrick C. 

"MasoniCon Kansas always brings something special and new to the table. With the some lectures hitting a personal core and some hitting an ethical core of our actions and thoughts, I always learn alot when I attend these conventions and it always changes how Freemasonry in Kansas."

– Taylor T.

"Masonicon provides a unique opportunity for interjurisdictional fellowship that many Masons may never have the opportunity to have otherwise with Brothers traveling from all over the country to attend."

– Earl G.

"***** Five stars. MCKS host called down literal thunder and lightning for the keynote presentation."

– Jason R.

"Masonicon is a great experience for every Mason, from the youngest Entered Apprentice to the most seasoned Past Master."

– Earl G. 

"Alex Powers always goes above and beyond when handling these events and making sure every brother and attendee is having a spectacular time."

– Taylor T.

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Dine with us

Featuring Cannon Fire Toasts and a Commemorative Glass