Founders Club

What is the Founders Club?

The Masonic Con Kansas Founders Club is an esteemed assembly of visionaries and enthusiasts who championed the inaugural event by purchasing full event ticket passes. Through their unwavering support and belief in the essence of Freemasonry, these individuals became the foundational pillars upon which Masonic Con Kansas was established.

As pioneers and esteemed members of this exclusive club, they were honored with special commemoratives, including an engraved Masonic Con Kansas Founders Club glass, a distinctive pin, and a bespoke acacia wood coaster. Their dedication and pivotal contribution played an instrumental role in launching this unprecedented gathering of Masonic minds.

In perpetuity, their names stand proudly listed on the Masonic Con Kansas website, an enduring testament to their commitment and attendance at the inaugural Masonic Con Kansas event. The Founders Club members embody the spirit of unity, fellowship, and dedication to the timeless principles of Freemasonry, forever etched in the history of this momentous occasion.

The Roster:

Ray Gottstein
Darin Lahners
Wayne Lee
Taylor Thurman
Carlos Rivera
Jerry McNamar
Gary Benjamin Strout
Rodrigo Guzman
Patrick Carr
Doug Wettlaufer
Bradley Kyle Williams
Ivette Powers
Haley Murkin
Maria Mino
Michael Jarzabek
Robert Marshall
Jeremy Barnes
Gregory Bodine
Mark Harwood
Duane Marshall
Marvin Fletcher
Dan Mauer
Shawn Fennewald
Lincoln Wilson

Robert F Nelson
Jakob Édmunds
Robert McClarty
Lynn Friesen
Lucas Hess
Robert Shively
James Woods
Adriane Carr
Anthony Pence
Alexander Herbert
Robert Johnson
Reed Murkin
Joe Martines
Beth Jarzabek
Patrick Craddock
Donald Sellers
Curtis Utley
Earl Genter
Tom Cole
Kelly Long
Richard Reedy
Jeremy Long
Dave Hendricks

Justin Williamson
Mikel Stoops
Gary Ralley
Gerald Sloan
Derik Hockett
Jason Richards
Matthew Sharpton
Rick Gillit
Charles Ward
Anthony Borum
Nicholas Laine
Ashlyn Powers
Darin Scorza
Bryan Simmons
Daren Kellerman
Justin Staley
Greg DiVilbiss
Lee Veltman
Blair Pederson
Mike Johnson
Michael Weilemann
Chris Perry
Jonathan Allee
Dago Rodriguez

Randy Korthals
Alex Bolinder
Kenneth Bealer
Jeremy James
Mathew McNamar
Michael Smith
Jason Jennings
Bill Koonce
Mark Reeder
Conner Gould
Alex Powers
Savy Powers
Kim Scorza
Jenn Simmons
Jonte Gold
Brittney Staley
William Perkins
Mark Stephenson
Joe Johnson
Stephen Lemons
Milton Williams
Chuck Brust
Robert Talbott
Brad Drew

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