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Partner with Masonic Con Kansas as a Sponsor or Vendor

Elevate your brand to new heights by becoming a key player at Masonic Con Kansas! This unique event, drawing Freemasons and friends from across the nation and beyond, offers unparalleled opportunities for sponsors and vendors to showcase their products and services to a diverse and engaged audience.

Why Partner With Us?

  • National and International Reach: Masonic Con Kansas brings together a community that extends beyond borders. Your brand will gain exposure to a diverse audience passionate about Freemasonry and related fields.
  • Association with Respected Speakers: Align your brand with the prestige of Masonic Con Kansas and be featured alongside renowned Masonic speakers. Benefit from the glow of association with influential figures in the Masonic community.
  • Tailored Sponsorship Packages: Choose a sponsorship level that suits your objectives and budget. From Digital Sponsorships to the exclusive Diamond Level, each package is designed to maximize your brand’s visibility and impact.
  • Multichannel Exposure: Your brand won’t just be seen at the event. We amplify your visibility through our website, social media channels, and event materials, ensuring a lasting impression.
  • Networking Opportunities: Forge connections with Freemasons, industry leaders, and fellow vendors. Masonic Con Kansas is not just an event; it’s a networking opportunity that extends beyond the venue.

Partner Levels

*All Sales Subject To Our Terms and Conditions

Digital Sponsor:

  • Logo and Link on our website
  • Listed on the Website and Social Media Release
  • Can submit a 30 Second video promoting your brand to be played at the event**

Vendor Table:

  • Vendor Table At Event*
  • Listed on the Website and Social Media Release

Bronze Level Sponsor:

  • Vendor Table PLUS 
    • (1) Main Event Only Ticket
    • Listed in the Official Program
    • Can submit a 60 Second video promoting your brand to be played at the event and hosted on the website.**

Silver Level Sponsor:

  • All Included in the Bronze Package PLUS 
    • Permission to use MCKS Branding for event items**
    • Brief time alottment between lectures at the podium to address the crowd (In Person & Virtual) about your org/brand.

Gold Level Sponsor:

  • All Included in the Silver Package PLUS
    • Individual and Custom Social Media announcement
    • Livestream Interview to Promote Your Brand at the Event
    • Can supply promo material to be handed out to all attendees at registration** 

Custom Partnership – Diamond Level:

(Perfect for Corporate Partnerships)

  • Interested in a different approach higher than these levels? Let’s talk!

*Tabes: If additional vendor tables are need, the spacing must be approved by MCKS and each additional table will incure an additonal charge of $30 per table.

**Media: All media and promotional materials must be approved by MCKS with no exceptions.
MCKS Branding Usage: MCKS retains full rights to our brand. All usage must have prior authorization by MCKS. Custom items are only authorized for sale during the event. No pre or post sales of MCKS branded merchindise without written consent by the MCKS team.

*All Sales Subject To Our Terms and Conditions

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